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Leadership & Staff Team

John G. Eley, PhD (DABR)John G. Eley, PhD (DABR)
Program Director
Assistant Professor, Medical Physicist
Department of Radiation Oncology

As program director, Dr. Eley’s work focuses heavily on interdisciplinary collaboration. After years of experience at leading institutions for particle therapy research, he brings expertise in proton therapy and experimental use of high-energy particle beams. He teaches Intro to Computational Transport and many other lectures on particle therapy. If you’re fascinated by the intersection of physics, radiation oncology, and neuroscience, don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Eley with your questions.

David R. Pickens, PhD (DABR)David R. Pickens, PhD (DABR)
Associate Program Director
Associate Professor, Medical Physicist
Department of Radiology and Radiological Sciences

The longest-standing faculty member in med physics, Dr. Pickens joined Vanderbilt in 1981 and now leads as section chief for Radiological Sciences. With decades of experience, Dr. Pickens has truly observed the evolution of the field over time— and actively participated in that evolution. His own research ranges from magnetic resonance imaging to quantitative ultrasound imaging to new detector technologies. When you join the Vanderbilt medical physics program, you can be sure you’re joining a tradition of excellence that stretches back decades.

Robert Rodgers, MS (DABR, DABSNM)Robert Rodgers, MS (DABR, DABSNM)
Director of Clinical Medical Physics
Associate, Medical Physicist
Department of Radiation Oncology

After serving 20 years in various health and medical physics positions in the U.S. Air Force, Col. Rodgers joined the Vanderbilt community to lead clinical medical physics here. At Vanderbilt he oversees the five main radiation oncology treatment centers and teaches radiation safety and summer practicum courses. In courses with Col. Rodgers, you’ll learn the safety techniques needed to provide excellent patient care. His military experience also gives him a unique window into how state and federal regulations play a role in current radiation therapy practices.

Kenneth Homann, PhD (DABR)Kenneth Homann, PhD (DABR)
Chief of Medical Physics
Director of Therapeutic Medical Physics Residency Program

Dr. Homann leads in various ways throughout the Medical Physics Program— including directing the therapeutic medical physics residency program —and his extensive experience in the field makes him a great guide for radiation safety and quality assurance training. You’ll learn from him in various therapy-oriented courses, and when you observe his clinical work during practicum, you’ll get hands-on experience with linear accelerator machines and brachytherapy.

Portlyn Cruise
Acting Program Coordinator

Portlyn Cruise will be your advocate and first point-of-contact for all things medical physics. From individual course schedules to events with the entire cohort, she’ll help you build community within the medical physics program and find your niche within the larger School of Medicine family. Don’t hesitate to reach out to her if you have questions about our programs, life at VUSM, or Nashville in general.