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Welcome, Future Innovators!

COVID-19 Info for Future Applicants as of July 1, 2020

We’re seeking an energetic cohort of students who want to transform health care through medical innovation.
If you’ve completed a PhD in engineering or an applied science, MIDP may be for you. Successful applications demonstrate exceptional maturity, leadership, and teamwork capabilities, as well as a history of creativity and perseverance.

How to Apply

MIDP generally follows the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine admission process with a few specific requirements and one unique essay question. In order to begin the MIDP application process, you must change your AMCAS program to “Other Special Program.”

Because of MIDP’s accelerated time scale (AMCAS due dates and interviews occur in September and October), you can still send your application through the regular VUSM admissions pipeline if you are not offered a position in the Vanderbilt MIDP. This means you can apply to MIDP without risking standard VUSM admission.

Prerequisites and Course Recommendations

1. Completion of PhD or Doctoral-level program

Applicants with PhDs in engineering (biomedical, bio-, electrical, mechanical, computer, industrial and systems, nuclear, chemical and biological) or applied sciences (physics, biophysics, medical physics, computer science, applied mathematics, materials science) are welcomed. International students are eligible to apply to the MIDP.

Your PhD program must be completed prior to matriculation. If the PhD degree will not be conferred until after matriculation, a letter from your registrar or dean stating that all degree requirements have been met (including approval of dissertation) is required before matriculation. If you are interested in pursuing a PhD concurrently with the MD, please see the Vanderbilt Medical Scientist Training Program.

We also look for experience in innovation such as patents, but this is not required.

2. Medical College Application Test (MCAT)

Only scores from within the past four years will be accepted.

3. Coursework in biological, physical and social sciences, mathematics and written communications.
The same course recommendations apply to both MIDP and traditional MD applicants. Read about these in detail on our MD Admissions requirements page.

4. Letters of Recommendation

Three letters of recommendation are required, and at least one should be from a research mentor or work supervisor who can describe your potential for and commitment to success as an applied physician-scientist.

5. Essays

The MIDP application requires the traditional VUSM essays and one unique essay for this program:
“Why are you interested in the Medical Innovators Development Program, and how will this program help you achieve your career goals? Please explain how your goals relate to imaging, medical devices, or informatics.” (~500 words)