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Welcome, Future Innovators!

The Vanderbilt MIDP is a unique, new four-year PhD to MD training program at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine that seeks to matriculate an energetic cohort of students who wish to transform health and healthcare through medical innovation.

Successful applicants will have completed PhD programs in engineering, informatics, computer science or other applied science or mathematics fields, with a history of excellence, creativity, innovation and perseverance. They will also have demonstrated exceptional maturity, leadership, and teamwork capabilities.

Please explore our website to learn more about the exciting, stimulating, and comprehensive training provided by the Vanderbilt MIDP. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Interview Process

MIDP prides itself on innovation, creativity, leadership,story-telling, empathy, and design. Together our leadership and students have come up with a unique interview day for applicants. In addition to information sessions from our faculty and students on our program students will be participating in a design challenge.

The design challenge is MIDPs first step in identifying candidates that exhibit the qualities above. In the design challenge, students will be placed in teams to solve a healthcare problem designed by current MIDP students. The problem will be presented in a story and will also come with a visual presentation of the problem.

The task of the group is to work together to develop a commercially viable solution that will help solve the problem presented.  You will be giving a 20-minute pitch to a panel of potential investors in 90 minutes.
You will be evaluated on how well you:

1) define the scope of the problem
2) conduct a needs assessment
3) develop methods to make and test your model
4) iterate through solutions
5) communicate your business plan
6) distribute your work as a team