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SOPHAS Application Tips

  • In order to be considered for admission, an application must have a SOPHAS status of “received,” “complete,” or “verified” in SOPHAS with all application requirements received by SOPHAS.

  • You may e-submit your application in SOPHAS even if you are still waiting for your three letters of recommendation, official transcripts, WES credential evaluation, or official test score reports to be received by SOPHAS. These items will automatically be added to your application as they are received by SOPHAS and your application will progress more quickly through the SOPHAS system if it has already been e-submitted.

  • Schedule your GRE or MCAT test date with enough time for your test to be scored and your official score report to be generated, delivered, and matched to your application in SOPHAS.In general, GRE official score reports take 12 to 18 business days from the test date (or request date) until they are posted to an application in SOPHAS. Official MCAT score reports take approximately 35 business days, and official TOEFL score reports take about 16 business days.

  • To ensure the quickest delivery of official test scores to your application in SOPHAS, request a test score report at the time you take the test.
    • GRE institution code: 0111
    • MCAT institution code: SOPHAS
    • TOEFL institution code: 5688

  • Once you have e-submitted in SOPHAS, check your status regularly until all application requirements have been received and your application has a status of “verified.” Neither SOPHAS nor the Vanderbilt MPH Program is responsible for notifying applicants of missing application requirements.If you have requested required materials and a reasonable amount of time has passed without them appearing in SOPHAS, follow up with letter writer, institution, or testing organization. Verify that your request was received and that the sender has all the information needed to send the item to the correct destination.

  • Communications from SOPHAS and the Vanderbilt MPH Program are sent to the primary email address entered into the SOPHAS application. If your email address has changed, be sure to update your primary email address in SOPHAS so you don’t miss any important updates from SOPHAS or the Vanderbilt MPH Program.