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The MPH Program is a full-time, two-year program with a total of five academic terms. Tuition is paid prior to each academic term:

  • MPH Year 1: Fall, Spring, and Summer
  • MPH Year 2: Fall and Spring

Current students may access their e-bill and submit payment through the Vanderbilt University Office of Student Accounts or YES (Your Enrollment Services). For information about payment options, including the Vandy Plan, an interest-free monthly payment option, click here.

For inquiries about tuition, fees, and financial aid, contact the School of Medicine Office of Student Financial Services.

Office of Student Financial Services
Heather Boutell, M.Ed., Director of Financial Aid
224 Eskind Biomedical Library
Nashville, TN 37232
(615) 322-1792 |
Office hours: Mon. – Fri., 8am to 4:30pm CT

Every May, the Vanderbilt University Board of Trust finalizes the tuition and student fees for the upcoming academic year, and they are published by the Office of Student Accounts.

Tuition rates for the 2021-2022 academic year:

  • Year 1: $39,999
  • Year 2: $19,998

Full-time program tuition based on 2021-2022 rates: $59,997

Academic Year 2021-2022 detailed tuition and fees

Academic Year 2020-2021 detailed tuition and fees

Student Health Insurance fee

  • This covers the cost of the Student Injury and Sickness Plan offered through Vanderbilt University.
  • The coverage period is 08/12/19-08/11/20 and additional details are provided by the Student Health Center.
  • The annual fee is charged to the student’s account in two installments: in the fall and spring terms.
  • This fee may be waived for students who have coverage through a comparable plan. For more information, click here. Please note that the student must submit the online waiver form to before the beginning of each academic year and no later than August 1. A university VUnetID is required.

Student Service Fees

  • The Student Service Fees support student co-curricular interests and events. The funds collected from the fee are allocated to various registered student organizations; Vanderbilt Student Communications, Inc.; student centers facilities; athletics; and the operations, fields/facilities, and recreational programs of the Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center. Additional information can be found in the Vanderbilt University Student Handbook.
  • All students will be charged this fee without exception, including students completing internships or coursework away from campus and those enrolled in 4 hours or less.
  • The annual fee is charged to the student’s account in the fall, spring, and summer terms.

Transcript fee

  • This covers free, lifetime electronic transcript and diploma requests from the Office of the University Registrar.
  • The mandatory, one-time fee is charged to first-time Vanderbilt students at the beginning of the fall term of the first year.

Vanderbilt University requires all eligible students to be covered by a health insurance plan that is comparable to or exceeds the Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan, administered by Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk​. Students who meet the eligibility requirements are automatically enrolled in and billed for the Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan.

Academic Year 2019-2020 Coverage Period: 08/12/19 to 08/11/20

Eligibility: All graduate and professional students registered in degree programs of four or more credits or who are actively enrolled in research courses that are designed by Vanderbilt Universe as full-time enrollment.

Waiving the Student Plan: If you have other insurance and do not wish to participate in the Student Injury and Sickness Plan offered through the University, you must complete an online waiver form indicating your other insurance information. The online waiver form must be completed no later than August 1 or you will remain enrolled in the plan offered by the university and will be responsible for paying the insurance premium. An online waiver form must be submitted before the beginning of each academic year.

International Students: All international students attending Vanderbilt University are automatically enrolled in and billed for the Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan to be in compliance with federal regulations relating to J-1 Visa status that requires international students and their dependents residing in the United States to maintain adequate health insurance coverage.