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Core Publication Policy

Publication of Synthetic Products and Methods Developed in the VICB Synthesis Core

The Synthesis Core is always pleased to see products and methods developed under the core personnel published.  In some cases publication may simply describe the use of a known organic compound or a newly prepared compound.  In the former case acknowledgement of the Synthesis Core will suffice (“Compound X was provided by the Vanderbilt Institute of Chemical Biology Synthesis Core, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN 37232-0412”) with appropriate reference to a known procedure of preparation.  

On the other hand, if any new compounds have been used, or if a new procedure was used to prepare a known compound, most scientific journals will require further experimental data beyond that typically provided by the synthesis core to the PI (for example, proton NMR spectra).  If the PI requires further information for publication, Synthesis Core personnel may be require to invest further time in collecting analytical data (e.g., carbon NMR, mass spectrometry) and writing experimental procedures.  Accordingly, further hourly charges for labor and analysis may apply.  In this case the appropriate Synthesis Core staff scientist(s) will request co-authorship as either a new compound or procedure has been developed.