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The Chemical Synthesis Core was established within the Vanderbilt Institute of Chemical Biology to support the organic and medicinal chemistry needs of Vanderbilt investigators.

The primary focus of the core is to facilitate biology-oriented projects within the medical center and the university by assisting with the chemistry aspect of the project. The core works independently or in collaboration with the VICB High Throughput Screening Center on the synthesis of literature-cited compounds (including patented ones) as well as full scale lead optimization of a compound.

The Core supports the Vanderbilt community in all aspects of medicinal and organic synthesis. We provide quantities of known or unknown compounds with an emphasis on parallel synthesis of small libraries, HPLC purification, and scale-up of synthetic procedures. Services include:
• Custom synthesis of compounds
• Synthesis and design of small molecule probes
• Dye synthesis
• Prostaglandin synthesis
• Compound libraries
• Medicinal chemistry
• Large-scale synthesis (up to 100g)
• HPLC purification capabilities
• Analytical support (NMR, MS)

Core Overview Video