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Plamen Christov, PhD

Assistant Director

Plamen Christov earned his PhD in Chemistry at Vanderbilt University. As a graduate student he worked on the synthesis of phosphoramidites for site-specific synthesis of various N5-alkyl-Fapy-dGuo oligonucleotides that result from genotoxic substances including chemotheraputic agents. He also worked on the bypass and incision of N5-alkyl-Fapy-dGuo lesions by DNA polymerases and DNA glycosylases, respectively. His research also involved the use of Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS3) to identify and quantify small molecules in complex mixtures. In addition, Plamen Christov developed a very sensitive LC-ESI-MS/MS method for sequencing and quantitating the replication bypass products of N5-alkyl-Fapy-dGuo lesions.