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Making a Difference

Basic Sciences Giving

Together, we can ensure our faculty and students have the resources needed to initiate high-risk, groundbreaking research that has the potential to open new fields of scientific inquiry. Please read below and visit the following links to learn about the many ways you can show your support and make a difference.

Faculty Support / Endowed Chairs

The recognition and honor an endowed chair confers upon the faculty member holding it are vital incentives in a dynamic market where the best faculty are in great demand. On any given day, the vast majority of the school’s faculty can be found energetically involved in the development of new discoveries. Endowed chairs enable us to retain such exceptional professors and to attract talented new faculty and researchers which places the Basic Sciences at a decided advantage.

The Annual Fund

Annual fund gifts are unrestricted contributions of any size, to the Basic Sciences, that are made on a yearly basis. Each academic year, the Basic Sciences has new needs that require support. Endowment gifts are earmarked for a specific use, while Annual Fund gifts provide funds that can be used by the dean and administrators to address the most immediate needs and opportunities. Annual fund gifts sustain the department we know and love on a day-to-day basis and provide the foundation for future success. Gifts of all sizes combine to make a large impacts and allow us to do things such as:

  • Diversify our student body by providing scholarship support for promising students to fulfill their lifelong dreams of a career in science
  • Create new knowledge utilizing innovative technologies and scientific discovery through funding for research and scientific leaders
  • Expand opportunities for students by investment in enhanced learning opportunities and the overall student experience

The Discovery Circle

The Discovery Circle recognizes financial support to the Basic Sciences by those who make annual gifts of $2,500 and up. Learn more about The Discovery Circle.


For more information on making a gift to the Basic Sciences, please contact or a member of the Development and Alumni Relations staff.