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Vestigo is a print and online magazine published by the School of Medicine Basic Sciences at Vanderbilt University. Published twice a year, Vestigo provides an in-depth view of research that’s happening in our community, highlights trainee accomplishments, and celebrates the successes of our staff and faculty. Through our work, we hope that you will appreciate the vision we have for the future and the steps we are taking to get there.

Vestigo (ves-TEE-go) comes from the Latin “vestigare”: to discover, search after, seek out, inquire, investigate. It encapsulates the spirit of discovery and dedication to research we strive to embody at Vanderbilt University Basic Sciences.


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Quick Guide

In a tapestry of scientific endeavor, the cover art weaves a narrative that traverses the evolving landscape of cellular imaging. 1920s medical illustrator Susan Wilkes’ masterful strokes join the intricate details revealed by transmission electron microscopy in the research lab of Antentor Hinton Jr. and the vibrant revelations afforded by high-powered light microscopy in the lab of Matthew Tyska. This visual symphony pays homage to the ceaseless march of innovation in scientific instrumentation. It is a nod to the scholarly pursuit of unraveling the enigmatic wonders of the cellular and subcellular realms in the foundational studies of basic sciences. Art by Kendra H. Oliver.

Vestigo Sesquicentennial Issue Cover

Vestigo Sesquicentennial Issue


A monthly newsletter with the short-and-sweet of what's new at Vanderbilt Basic Sciences.

Basically Speaking

A more in-depth monthly newsletter than Vital. Each month we bring you the latest awards, highlights, events, and more from graduate students, postdocs, faculty, and staff conducting basic biomedical research on campus.

The Reading List

This weekly newsletter contains recent research papers and preprints published by primary and secondary Basic Sciences faculty or by biomedical Ph.D. students. Although we do our best to monitor for new papers, we may miss some here or there. Email us if your latest work hasn’t been included yet!