Basic Sciences Communications

The goals and mission of the School of Medicine Basic Sciences Communication Group are to effectively communicate the groundbreaking research, educational initiatives, and accomplishments of faculty, staff, and students within the Basic Sciences community. Through engaging content creation, strategic dissemination, and targeted outreach, the group aims to raise awareness of the impactful contributions made by the Basic Sciences community and promote collaboration and knowledge sharing within and beyond the School of Medicine. Ultimately, the group strives to enhance the visibility and reputation of the Basic Sciences programs and foster a culture of scientific excellence and innovation.

The communications team in the office of the dean works hard to promote the research that you do. There are three easy ways for you to help the Basic Sciences communications team get the word out about papers from your lab that you think are worthy of publicity:

If your paper has been accepted…

…fill out this form to tell the comms team about your recently accepted papers (recent published papers are ok, too, but they'd prefer to learn about papers before their embargo is over). As capacity allows, they will publish the information as an interview (such as this one) or work with VU's Marketing and Communications to make a video (such as this one), put together a press release (such as this one), or otherwise promote.
(For easy access, bookmark this page on your browser:

If your paper is out…

…we're happy to share your work on the Basic Sciences Twitter account, whether or not you yourself have a Twitter account. To facilitate this process, please fill out this quick form to let them know what's going on in your papers.
(For easy access, bookmark this page on your browser:

If your data is visual…

…regardless of publication status, Instagram is a great place to share your work (example here). They'll share on the Basic Sciences account and on Basically Speaking. An image does not have to be related to a recent paper for them to share it - it can be part of a developing project or training. Submit your images here.
(For easy access, bookmark this page on your browser:

Please share your new papers with the comms team, especially if you've never done that before. They want to make sure to hear from as many faculty as possible.

If you have any questions, please always feel free to contact anyone in the communications team and they'll make sure you're taken care of.