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Basic Sciences Magazine – Vestigo

Logo of the magazine, “Vestigo," set up against the backdrop of the cover of the first issue.


Vestigo is the new periodical published by the School of Medicine Basic Sciences at Vanderbilt University. Published each winter and summer, Vestigo will provide an in-depth view of research that’s happening in our community, highlight trainee accomplishments, and celebrate the success of our faculty. Through our work, we hope that you will appreciate the vision we have for the future and the steps we are taking to get there.

Vestigo (ves-TEE-go) comes from the Latin “vestigare”: to discover, search after, seek out, inquire, investigate. It encapsulates the spirit of discovery and dedication to research we strive to embody at Vanderbilt University Basic Sciences.





Vestigo, Issue 2:
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Vestigo, Issue 1:
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