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Leadership Team


Barbara Fingleton, Ph.D.

Director, Interdisciplinary Graduate Program
Associate Professor, Pharmacology
Associate Professor, Surgery

Barbara Fingleton Ph.D., Associate Professor of Pharmacology and Surgery, serves as Director of the Vanderbilt IGP.  Dr. Fingleton obtained her Ph.D. from Dublin City University in Ireland. She moved to the United States to do post-doctoral research at Vanderbilt, starting in 1997.  She now runs an active research program focused on understanding the process of metastasis in various cancers with the goal of developing new therapeutic targets.

Curriculum Director

Madhvi Venkatesh, PhD

Curriculum Director, Interdisciplinary Graduate Program (IGP)

Assistant Director of Recruiting

Stephanie Richards, PhD

Assistant Director of Recruiting, Biomedical Research, Education & Training (BRET)

Assistant Director Academic & Educational Support

Carolyn Berry

Assistant Director, Academic & Educational Support, Biomedical Research, Education & Training (BRET)

Program Manager