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Frequently Asked Questions

About application requirements, procedures and deadlines…

You may apply for the program and find more information about the admission timeline at this link . The application cycle will begin on August 1 for admission into the class beginning the next fall semester.  Admission to the IGP is granted for the fall semester only. No students will be admitted to start in the spring.

The admission deadline is December 1.  You may apply for the program and find more information about the admission timeline by clicking here.  The deadline is December 1.  This date is when applications will begin to be reviewed. 

No. The IGP only accepts students for Fall Admission.

NO! Neither the general GRE exam, which includes the Verbal, Quantitative and Analytic sections, nor the subject tests are required for admission. If you have taken the GRE and would like to include it in your application, you may do so and the admissions committee will consider it in their holistic review. The GRE Institution Code is 1871. The GRE Department Code for this program is 0202 (No department code is necessary, but you may use 0202 if you are required to enter one).

No. There are no minimum GPA requirements. When reviewing applications, we consider the entire application package, including previous research experience.

Starting with Fall 2018 applications, our application fee will be $95. We have a robust waiver process as a part of this in order to ensure that we continue to recruit those students coming from groups that could be disadvantaged by the fee.

In accordance with the interests of the US congress and its commitment to training well qualified and highly diverse students for careers in the biomedical sciences, fee waivers can be obtained for any student who has performed biological or biomedically-oriented research which has been supported by the NIH, the NSF, or any other agency or private foundation within the US.
Please see our application page for more information on fee waivers.

We prefer to have all application materials, including letters of recommendation, submitted electronically.  If a recommender must send a paper letter, it must arrive in a sealed envelope directly from the writer.  We do NOT need copies of your official transcripts at the time of your application.  You may upload an unofficial transcript at the time of application.  Should you choose to enroll at Vanderbilt, an official transcript for each school listed on your application will be required before matriculation.  

Your application status will not change online. You will be notified if you have been invited to interview for our program. Otherwise, we will contact you when all interview invitations have been extended regarding your application status.

About interviews and admissions offers…

Interview offers are sent on a rolling basis. Our admissions committee meets every Monday morning from around the beginning of December until the first week in April, except over Christmas/New Years. Because we meet so often, we review applications in smaller batches instead of all at once. Thus, if you do not hear from us early in the application cycle, this does not mean you should worry about the status of your application as we review applications until early spring. If an applicant has not received an invitation by March 15th, he or she is not being considered for an interview with the IGP program.

Typically we will send an email and ask for you to call us back at your convenience.  However, if you do not quickly respond to this email, we will send a follow up message or call to discuss times for the visit.

No. The determination of the date for the interview is mostly related to when your application was reviewed and which dates we are currently scheduling. This is not related to the application strength. You should not read anything into the specifics of when you receive an offer to interview or which weekend you visit with us. Instead, if you’ve received an offer, it means that we are excited to meet you!

Absolutely! While scheduling your visit, we tend to mostly focus on the times you should plan to arrive and leave. By the Monday before your interview, you will receive a detailed itinerary including with whom you will interview.

You have until April 15th to make a final decision.  However, once you have made a final decision (either way) we would be grateful if you share those plans with us.   It helps us as we consider other candidates in our rolling admissions process.  If you have anything else you would like to know during your decision making process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

The Vanderbilt admissions committee meets every Monday. If your overall application and interview reports have been submitted over the weekend, the admissions committee could provide a decision within two weeks following your interview. 

About the program and degree…

No, the IGP is a Ph.D.-track program that feeds into the eleven basic science departments and programs in the School of Medicine as well as the Dept of Biological Sciences in the College of Arts & Science. 

Yes, you can find our faculty broken down by Departments & Program here, or a searchable list of faculty here.

Yes!  We prepare students for any career trajectory they are interested in. Please check out the website of our Office of Career Development!

About the numbers…

We always shoot for a range, this year the range is 70-75 for both the combined IGP and QCB programs.

The number has been increasing for some time, but currently we have over 1,000 submitted applications between the IGP and QCB programs.

I’m glad you asked! Check out this website!

About funding…

Yes, the IGP program offers full financial support and covers all tuition, fees, and student health insurance. In addition, students receive a stipend.  Compensation for 2023-24 will be $36,500 plus a relocation bonus of $2,000 to be used for upfront costs associated with relocating to Nashville.  

Our stipend is comparable to the amount given at similar institutions when adjusted for the cost of living.

City Amount needed to match $36,500 in Nashville
Atlanta, GA $39, 680
Baltimore, MD $43,453
Chapel Hill, NC $37,000
New Haven, CT $39,312
San Francisco, CA $47,889
Madison, WI $37,678
Ann Arbor, MI $38,600


About international applicants…

Please see this page for more information.

Do you have other questions?

If you have additional questions about the IGP, you may contact:

Assistant Director of Recruiting – Stephanie Richards, Ph.D.

IGP Director – Barbara Fingleton, Ph.D.