Anna Osipovich, PhD

Anna Osipovich, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Molecular Physiology and Biophysics

9475 MRB IV
(615) 343-7422

Characterization of endocrine progenitor cells and acinar to beta cell transdifferentiation

Research Description

I completed my graduate studies in molecular virology followed by postdoctoral training in mouse functional genomics, in particular, genome wide mutagenesis by gene entrapment.  My initial research was focused on development of new replaceable poly (A) trap gene trap strategies that would allow genes disrupted in individual ES cell clones to be engineered by Cre-mediated recombination to allow post-entrapment modifications of the locus.  Later on, I worked on functional characterization of mice with gene trap mutations in dymectin (Dym) and Ttc18genes.  We established Dym as a novel vesicular traffic gene which, when mutated, is responsible for chondrodysplasia in mice and men.  We also showed that Ttc18 is evolutionary conserved gene involved in motile cilia function and primary ciliary diskinesia pathogenesis