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Howard E. Morgan, M.D.

Medical Fellow, Assistant, Associate and Full Professor, Physiology / Molecular Physiology and Biophysics, 1954-1967

During Dr. Morgan’s tenure at Vanderbilt, he investigated glucose uptake and glycogenolysis in heart muscle.  In particular, his studies of the regulation of phosphorylase b activity provided insights into the control of glycogen breakdown.  Dr. Morgan’s post-Vanderbilt research program at Penn State focused on the regulation of protein turnover in heart muscle.  He was Chairman of  the Department of Physiology at Penn State from 1973 – 1987.  Among his many honors and awards, Dr. Morgan was President of  the American Physiological Society (1985-86) and American Heart Association (1987-88), and was elected to the Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences in 1987.