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Katie Volk

Graduate Student, Hasty Laboratory, Molecular Physiology and Biophysics

Hi there! My name is Katie Volk and I am a PhD candidate in the lab of Dr. Alyssa Hasty. I am originally from just outside Los Angeles, CA and arrived at Vanderbilt after completing my undergraduate degree at Washington and Lee University in Virginia. In the Hasty lab, I study the role that microglial cells play in either propagating or protecting against Alzheimer’s Disease and neurodegenerative pathology. Particularly, Alzheimer’s Disease is often characterized by neuroinflammation and excessive brain iron load; and I am interested in understanding the dual roles that microglia play in dictating changes in inflammation and iron-handling in the brain. Ultimately, my hope is that this work contributes to our growing understanding of Alzheimer’s pathology and eventually aids in the development of successful therapeutics in the future.