No, all students begin the Vanderbilt MPH Program in the fall. We only offer a full-time, two-year program beginning in the fall semester.

No. While we offer a small number of online courses, students live in the Nashville area and take classes on Vanderbilt's campus.

Yes, MPH students can choose from courses offered at any of the ten colleges and schools, drawing on the depth and diversity of resources and expertise throughout Vanderbilt University. Students should discuss course options with their academic advisor to confirm that course credits from other graduate programs can be applied to their MPH degree.

Yes, students may receive advanced standing for approved courses taken outside the Vanderbilt MPH Program.

Please note: the Vanderbilt MPH Program requires that your SOPHAS application have a status of “verified” AND that your official standardized test scores be received by SOPHAS by the deadlines below. All materials should arrive at SOPHAS at least four weeks prior to your earliest deadline to allow for timely processing.

Application deadlines for Fall 2016 matriculation - 

Epidemiology Track

  • MARCH 1, 2016 All Epidemiology track applications must be submitted by this date to be considered for admission and scholarships

Global Health Track

  • DECEMBER 15, 2015 Priority Admissions: submit your completed Global Health track application by this date to receive priority consideration for scholarships
  • JANUARY 15, 2016 Regular Admissions: all Global Health track applications must be submitted by this date to be considered for admission

Health Policy Track

  • DECEMBER 15, 2015 Priority Admissions: submit your completed Health Policy track application by this date to receive priority consideration for scholarships
  • JANUARY 15, 2016 Regular Admissions: all Health Policy track applications must be submitted by this date to be considered for admission

In general, we find that students with professional work experience gain the most from the flexibility of our program. Relevant work experience can be helpful in guiding a student in their choice of courses, research opportunities, and the kind of skills they seek to build during their time in the MPH Program. We look at each applicant individually and recognize that prior academic degrees, research and volunteer experiences can also be valuable in shaping a student's career goals. In the evaluation process, it is the quality, not the quantity, of an applicant's experience that is the most relevant.

We do not have minimum GRE/MCAT score or GPA requirements — admitted students have a range of scores and GPAs. We look at each candidate's application and qualifications as a whole.

We do not have data regarding average GPA and standardized test scores for admitted applicants. We look at each candidate's application as a whole during the evaluation process.

Current TOEFL scores are required for nonnative English-speaking international students. TOEFL scores are valid for two (2) years after the test date.

Scores should be submitted directly by ETS to SOPHAS using the code #5688 (SOPHAS in Massachusetts). There is no required minimum TOEFL score.

This requirement is waived for U.S. permanent residents and those who have completed an academic degree at an institution where English is the language of instruction.

SOPHAS uses a number of criteria to match your GRE scores with your application. If your official GRE scores are not showing up in your application, please confirm that you have entered the GRE registration ID for each set of GRE scores in the “tests” section. You may update your GRE registration ID(s) at any time. The Registration ID can be found on your official GRE score report. If you do not have your Registration ID, please contact ETS directly. If your GRE scores are being sent to a school that routes their scores to SOPHAS, please allow up to ten (10) to twelve (12) business for them to be attached to your application from the date ETS sends your scores to SOPHAS.

When reporting your TOEFL scores from ETS or your MCAT scores from AAMC, keep in mind that it may take several weeks for your scores to arrive at SOPHAS and be uploaded into your online application. You should contact the testing companies for any standardized tests you have taken as early as possible to allow plenty of time for your scores to be reported to SOPHAS. It may take up to 4 weeks for these official scores to appear in your online application.

If it has been longer than 4 weeks since you reported your scores and they have still not appeared in the Official Tests Status section of your application, first contact the testing company to make sure your request was processed correctly and to request information about when your scores were sent. Once the testing company has confirmed that they sent your scores to SOPHAS, you may contact SOPHAS customer service at 617–612–2090 or SOPHASinfo@SOPHAS.org. Be prepared to provide identifying information to enable SOPHAS representatives to locate and match your score with your application. If your name in the SOPHAS system differs from the name that will accompany your standardized test score report, or if you can think of any other disparity that may make it difficult to match your scores to your application, be sure to let SOPHAS staff know.

Even when your testing company has confirmed that your scores were sent, there are occasional instances when SOPHAS simply has not received them. In these cases, make sure that you are providing all necessary identifying information correctly to both SOPHAS and your testing company and request that your scores be sent again.

Additional help regarding SOPHAS and standardized test scores can be found here.


No, the Vanderbilt MPH Program does not have a supplemental or secondary application. A completed application to the Vanderbilt MPH Program consists of:

  • Verified SOPHAS application including:
    • Current curriculum vitae or resume
    • Official transcripts (or a WES credential evaluation for international applicants)
    • Official standardized GRE or MCAT scores (click here for waiver information)
    • Statement of purpose and objectives
    • At least two letters of reference (or evaluations)

All eligible applicants admitted to the Vanderbilt MPH Program are considered for the David Satcher Public Health Scholars Program and our other merit-based scholarships. No additional applications or forms are needed. Awardees are informed of the funding at the time they receive their admissions notification in the spring.

Applicants to the Global Health and Health Policy tracks who wish to be considered for scholarships should submit their materials by December 15. All Epidemiology track applicants who submit their materials by March 1 will be considered for scholarships.

The Community Scholars Program, VA Quality Scholars Program, and various external funding sources have different selection processes and require applications. Please see our Funding Resources page for more information.

Students enrolled in other graduate or professional degree programs at Vanderbilt may request to take course in the MPH Program for academic credit. Students should contact the MPH Program to inquire about this option.

Vanderbilt faculty or staff members who meet the MPH Program's admissions eligibility criteria may submit a short application to take a course MPH Program for academic credit. Contact the MPH Program at least 6 weeks before the start of the course to begin this process.

Students may not audit MPH courses.

The Vanderbilt MPH Program administers the Master of Public Health degree program. Vanderbilt offers a number of related academic programs. Please contact each program for additional information.

Click here for a list of all Vanderbilt University degree offerings.