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Financial Support


Compensation for 2024-25 is $38,000 plus a relocation bonus of $2,000 to be used for costs associated with relocating to Nashville.

City Amount needed to match $38,000 in Nashville
Atlanta, GA $41,636
Baltimore, MD $45,557
Chapel Hill, NC $38,414
New Haven, CT $42,189
Philadelphia, PA $43,376
Madison, WI $39,254
Ann Arbor, MI $40,432
Boston, MA $47,757

Award Package:

Your award package also covers 100% of University tuition, all student fees, and health coverage, dental, and a yearly eye exam.

Starting in Fall 2023, the BRET office will give incoming IGP and QCB students a laptop computer.

We also have a Candidacy Student Success Supplement, which provides $500 to all doctoral students who achieve candidacy upon passing their qualifying exam.


The total compensation package for 2023-24 is shown below. First year tuition, insurance premiums, and fees are paid directly to the University. Insurance and fees are approximate values.

Item 2023-2024 Approximation
Stipend $36,500
Relocation bonus $2,000
Health Insurance + dental + vision (annual) $3620.45
Tuition, 2 semesters $36,503.20
Student Health Fee (Fall and Spring) $760.14
Student Services Fee (Fall and Spring) $599.46
Transcript Fee (one time fee) $100.00
Total Award $80,083.25


Other work:

Graduate students in the Quantitative and Chemical Biology Program receiving Vanderbilt University financial support or services must devote full-time effort to graduate study. Students cannot accept jobs for pay within or outside the University unless prior approval is given by their advisor, their Director of Graduate Studies, and the Dean for the Office of Biomedical Research Education and Training. Exceptions to this rule include part-time internships and activities that contribute to career development and that do not exceed the time commitment outlined by the National Institutes of Health, service as course associates at Vanderbilt, and occasional and temporary part-time pursuits (e.g. house sitting). Engagement in outside employment without obtaining approval may result in loss of financial aid, including stipend.