Discovery Sciences Emerging Scholars Lectures


This lecture series features young scientists making notable discoveries as postdoctoral fellows or early career faculty. 

2017 Schedule

Posey_web.jpgNovember 16: Avery Posey, Jr., University of Pennsylvania, 12:00 pm, 206 Preston Research Building: "Accelerating CAR T Cells from the Model T to Driverless." Dr. Posey will discuss engineered T cell therapies developed to treat cancer, including progress and imitations of translating the success of leukemia treatments to solid tumor treatments. View Flyer   View CV



Spencer_Sade_webphoto.jpgOctober 5: Sade Spencer, Medical University of South Carolina, 4:00 pm, 206 Preston Research Building: "Dopaminergic Regulation of Relapse-Dependent Glutamatergic Plasticity." Dr. Spencer will present her modified cue-cocaine relapse model and the alterations in transient synaptic plasticity associated with relapse observed in the nucleus accumbens. She will also present newer data pertaining to the relationship between dopamine and glutamate during relapse, and how this impacts synaptic function.  View Flyer   View CV


Correa.pngApril 13: Stephanie Correa, UCLA, 4:00 pm, 206 Preston Research Building: "Sex-Specific Neural Regulation of Energy Balance." The focus of Dr. Correa’s lab is understanding how reproductive hormones affect metabolic health and disease. View Flyer    View Photos



Raphemot_Rene.jpgMarch 16: Rene Raphemot, Duke University, 4:00 pm, 206 Preston Research Building: "A Genomic Screen Reveals New Host Factors Critical to Liver-Stage Malaria." Dr. Raphemot studies host-parasite interactions during the liver-stage of malaria infection. His goal is to understand host-related factors that are exploited by the parasite. View Flyer    Read Reporter Article    View Photos