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Poster – Technical Specifications

We support both the PC and Mac platforms. A poster can be created with the following software applications PowerPoint, PDF, Illustrator, and Publisher. The payments and poster requests are made through the iLab Organizer.

See Pricing & Payment.

a) The text boxes on your poster should not overlap.

b) The information on your poster should not go beyond the top, bottom, or outside margins to allow for variations in printing.









The following applications Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 header looks like the picture below: 

  • Please use standard fonts like Arial or Times. Using non-standard fonts or special characters could lead to missing characters after printing.
  • Create a new blank PowerPoint layout presentation.
  • Click on View Tab.
  • Turn on gridlines to help line up your figures and text boxes. This will display horizontal and vertical lines on the blank presentation.
  • Note:   See Advice & Tips for additional information on creating posters that print successfully.

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