Breonte Guy

  • Banner for the event, showing pictures of the panelists on the right portion (top, left to right: Lillian Brady, Breonte Guy. Bottom, left to right: Ebony McGee, Steven Townsend, Felysha Jenkins). At the top is the name of the event series, “Lab-to-Table” and a green Erlenmeyer flask with intersecting golden haloes. To the left of the images is the title of the event: “How I Got Over: Navigating Academia as a Black Scientist.” Below the title is the wordmark of the School of Medicine Basic Sciences. The image has a white background.

    Black scientists at the heart of February’s Lab-To-Table conversation

      By Leah Mann The February 27 School of Medicine Basic Sciences Lab-to-Table event, “How I Got Over: Navigating Academia as a Black Scientist,” focused on how Black scientists have overcome challenges in academia. Felysha Jenkins, assistant dean of DEI for Basic Sciences, moderated the conversation, delving into compelling… Read More

    Mar. 24, 2023