Todd Graham

  • Headshot of Lauren Jackson.

    Study establishes molecular basis for interaction between an essential protein complex and its regulator

    By Leah Mann The labs of Lauren Jackson, associate professor of biological sciences and biochemistry, and Todd Graham, Stevenson Professor of Biological Sciences at the College of Arts and Science and professor of cell and developmental biology, recently published a study in the Journal of Cell Biology… Read More

    May. 23, 2023

  • Vanderbilt University

    Flipping the script on flippases

    Todd Graham, Stevenson Chair of Biological Sciences and professor of cell and developmental biology, and external collaborators recently published a paper describing the structure of a yeast “flippase” called Neo1. The research was led by three co-first authors: Bhawik Jain, a postdoc from the Graham lab, Lin Bai from Peking… Read More

    Dec. 6, 2021