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Affiliated Students

HGEN Affiliated PhD students

Human genetics is a foundational subject that is fundamental to many areas of modern biomedical research and the HGEN faculty are highly collaborative with scientists from many disciplines. Through these collaborations several students from other PhD programs at Vanderbilt and at other institutions have taken part in the classroom teaching and research of the HGEN program.  These students are an important part of our scientific family, and we recognize these people as HGEN affiliated students.

Holli Dilks, PhD
Senior Director, Global Head of Field Medical, Foundation Medicine
Jacob McCauley, PhD
Associate Professor, University of Miami Health System, Dept of Human Genetics
Marilyn Ritchie, PhD
Professor, University of Pennsylvania, Department of Genetics
Passorn Wonnapinij, PhD
Kasetsart University
Brian Yaspan
Principal Scientist, OMNI Human Genetics, Genentech