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Training Outcomes

Outcomes of the HGEN PhD program

Research track record of HGEN graduates: HGEN PhD students are very prolific.  Our students have achieved a publication rate of an average of 5.1 peer-reviewed papers per student (with range 2 – 11). The average number of first-author papers per student is 2.6 (range 1 – 5).  Our students’ have published their graduate school research in several top journal, including Science, PNAS, and The Lancet.  In addition to these high-level general science journals and the genetics specialist journals, our students have also published their graduate work in a wide range of clinical and biology journals, including AIDS, Nature Neuroscience, and Obstetrics and Gynecology. This shows the wide-ranging impact of our students’ research.

Careers of HGEN graduates:  Our graduates go on to successful careers in the biomedical sciences.  Roughly 1/3 of them have become tenured or tenure track faculty.  1/4 of them are still in training in some way, and another 1/4 have gone into industry.