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HGEN Curriculum

Required Courses for All HGEN Students

Genetics Interest Group (HGEN 8335-6) (1 credit): Each graduate student presents a work-in-progress talk annually (both Fall and Spring semesters).

Human Genetics I (HGEN 8340) (3 credits): Molecular and clinical genetics (Fall).

Human Genetics II (HGEN 8341) (3 credits): Population genetics and genetics of complex phenotypes (Spring)

Tutorials in Human Genetics I (HGEN 8370) (1 credit): Critical thinking and presentation skills (Fall)

Tutorials in Human Genetics II (HGEN 8371) (1 credit): Writing skills (Spring)

Fundamentals of Genetic Analysis (HGEN 8395) (1 credit): Detailed reading of the foundational literature on genetics principles from the 20th century (Spring).

Activities of the Training Program in Support of our Educational Goals: These Figures illustrate how the major activities of the training program lead to accomplishing our educational goals.  To simplify the complex diagrams, we have broken this down into three categories of training program activities: didactic, non-didactic, and RCR and Safety.

Didactic Teaching and Learning Activities of the HGEN program


Non-Didactic Teaching and Learning Activities of the HGEN program


Responsible Conduct of Research and Safety Teaching and Learning Activities