Cell and Development Biology

In the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, a diverse group of disciplines and technologies have been merged together to reflect a common interest in discovering how cells function, both alone and in the context of a multi- cellular organism. Some researchers in the department study how specific molecules function in cells. Others study how subcellular machines composed of assemblies of molecules operate. Still others study communication between cells and how groups of cells specify more complex systems such as tissues and organs. Researchers in the department employ a wide range of instruments and methods including live cell imaging, electron microscopy, structural biology, cell culture, animal models, proteomics, and genetics.

They also use an array of model organisms to study questions of common interest ranging from the single celled yeast, to frogs, flies, zebrafish, and mice. By building bridges between researchers working on cellular functions at all levels, the department has developed an interactive and exciting environment for graduate student training.