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Genome Modified Mice

CRISPR Gene Editing

The Vanderbilt Genome Editing Resource has generated more than 165 mouse strains containing deletions, point mutations, epitope tags, conditional knockouts, fluorescent reporters, recombinases, and more using CRISPR/Cas9.

For more information on specific model types:

Full service genome editing projects include:
  • Project consultation genome editing projects
  • Mutant allele and transgene design
  • CRISPR reagent sourcing and quality control
  • Embryo microinjection or electroporation
  • Screening of founder mice
  • Breeding of founders to confirm germline transmission
  • Sequencing of N1 heterozygous animals to verify allele fidelity
  • Additional quality control assays on a project-specific basis
  • Assignment of official MGI allele name and number
  • Development of an automated genotyping assay in conjunction with TransnetYX
  • Support for manuscripts and grant applications

We can help you test and optimize other types of genome-editing and transgenic technologies under collaborative agreements.