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Operational Policies


Use of this resource is on a first come first served basis. Projects are not initiated until all necessary service request forms have been received and approved by the Director of this resource.

IACUC Approval

The investigator must provide a current approved protocol number for housing of mice by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). Charges incurred for housing of mice is the responsibility of the PI. The PI is also responsible for having an approved IACUC protocol for any terminal procedures such as the harvesting of embryos. VGER cannot initiate any services without a valid animal protocol number.


VGER will perform all experiments in a confidential manner. The general nature of the construct may be described in grant applications and other reports that describe the overall progress of this resource.


The PI is responsible for approving all experimental design proposals. A project summary will be provided to the PI upon completion of a project. The PI will be responsible for all subsequent maintenance of the line unless agreed to otherwise by VGER and the PI.