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Room Controls – 1220 MRB III Lecture Hall

Afternoon Policies & Procedures

• Users are responsible for any loss or damage to equipment or the room.
• Wireless mics available for in-room use are located in the bottom drawer of the podium.
• Contact Audio-Visual Support to arrange for video streaming and recording: 615-875-9188 or
• A COA, POET or VUMC center number is required on the reservation form to cover costs if extra cleaning services are required or damages to the room or equipment occurs.
• Contact information concerning immediate help for damage to the room, building, emergencies, and non-emergencies, or any other issues that may arise, please click here.  *This information is also posted in the 1220 Lecture Hall.


Follow the instructions below to operate the 1220 Lecture Hall audio-visual equipment.

1220 Lecture Hall Podium

Both monitors are adjustable (move up, down, backward, forward).


Connectors (HDMI, USB-C, Mini Display Port)

If you are using a laptop, use the appropriate connector. Do not use an adapter if a connector will plug directly to your laptop. Note: If you are using a Mac laptop, please use Mac adapters. Third-party adapters on Mac devices sometimes do not properly sync with the projector.


Control Panel Screen – Main Menu

This is a touch screen.

  1. Power (top right). Press the Power button to turn the projector on (the screen will automatically descend).
  2. Home button (top left). Pressing the Home button will always bring you back to the “Selected Input” screen, shown here.
  3. Picture Mute (below the Home button) prevents image projection on the screen. This is useful for making adjustments to presentations or on the control panel while blocking the audience’s view.
  4. Select an Input to Start. Press the the appropriate device button (Podium PC [Dell], Podium Mac, Laptop/Tablet, Blu-ray/DVD, AirMedia, or Video Conference). Contact AV Support in advance of your presentation if you need help setting up AirMedia, video conferencing, or streaming.
  5. Volume controls display on the right side of the control panel. The top three volume controls apply to the stationary podium mic (volume up, volume down, and mute). The bottom three volume controls apply to lapel and hand-held microphones (volume up, volume down, and mute).
  6. Light controls are at the bottom of the control panel. See second image below for information about lighting.

If you select the the Podium PC or Podium Mac, you may be prompted to log on using a VU Net ID and password.

If you choose the “Laptop/Table Connection” option, the following control panel screen displays.


Control Panel Screen – Select an Input Type

When you plug in a connector to your laptop, the projector should automatically sync with it after a delay of several seconds. Typically, it is not necessary to select the connector input type. If your laptop does not properly sync with the projector, press the appropriate button on this screen. If that doesn’t work, simply unplug the connector, then replug it into the laptop.

Press the “Home” button to return to the main control panel screen.


Control Panel Screen – Light Control

Press the “Lights” button (bottom of control panel) to select the light presets. The projection system usually displays movies that are clearly visible with the lights on. Press the “Home” button to return to the main control panel screen.



Mac USB Flash Drive Connector

The Mac is located on the right side of the podium. Use the connector to upload or display presentations on the Mac.



Dell USB Ports

Flash drive ports are located on the front of the Dell PC.



Podium Microphone

A stationary microphone is located on the left side of the podium. See the “Control Panel Screen – Main Menu” above for volume control/mute information.


Lapel (Lavalier) and Hand-Held Microphones

Lapel and hand-held microphones are stored in the podium’s bottom drawer. A lapel mic is usually left out on top of the podium. On/off switches are located at the top of the lapel mics and on the side of the hand-held mics. Be sure to test them before each event. If a battery is low, select another mic from the drawer. See the “Control Panel Screen – Main Menu” above for volume control/mute information.


Power Outlets

A power strip is located on the bottom-left side of the podium next to the Dell computer. A single socket is located just below the podium shelf (see red box on the top-right of the screen below).