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Undergraduate Immersion in Vanderbilt University – School of Medicine


Welcome to Undergraduate Immersion in Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

The goal of the Undergraduate Immersion experience in the School of Medicine (SOM) is to provide Vanderbilt undergraduates with a comprehensive mentored experience in discovery research. Projects should address a specific scientific question or gap in knowledge with systematic and methodologically rigorous investigation. Opportunities will include developing skills in reviewing significant literature, gathering new information and data, analysis and interpretation of the findings, and ultimately, a formal presentation of the completed research.

Vanderbilt undergraduates choosing to conduct Immersion in the SOM should expect:

  • to begin no earlier than spring semester of their sophomore year
  • to engage scholarship that is structured, rigorous, and substantive
  • to present their final work at the Undergraduate Research Fair


Vanderbilt Undergraduates interested in completing their Immersion experience in the SOM have several options to identify faculty mentors and develop their projects. Students are highly encouraged to start conversations with potential mentors early and to build relationships before designing and submitting their Immersion plan. Students may also take advantage of existing undergraduate research programs such as VUSRP, VSSA, Research for Credit, and SyBBURE.



  • Submit Immersion opportunities using this form
  • Research for Credit

Biological Sciences

Biochemistry and Chemical Biology