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Designed by genetic counselors for genetic counselors, our program includes three learning pathways: innovative coursework, hands-on practicum experiences, and original research.

Coursework: High expectations, High Support

Taught by expert clinical and research faculty, our trainee-centered curriculum gives you the foundation you’ll need to thrive in whatever clinical setting you select.

Go beyond the traditional lecture

Designed by a team of genetic counselors in 2015 and updated every year, our coursework is constantly adapting to address the newest challenges of the field.

With a flipped-classroom approach and weekly case-based learning, you’ll take an active role in your own education. Collaborative discussion and critical thinking matter more to us than rote memorization— because those are the tools you’ll need in your future career.

Excellence is a journey, not a checkbox

We weave ethics, cultural competency, and antiracism training throughout all our courses, rather than squeezing them into a single requirement.

After all, it’s the details of attentive patient care that mark the difference between a good genetic counselor and a great genetic counselor.

Let your voice be heard

Learning goes both ways. Through mid-semester focus groups, semester evaluations, and conversations with faculty, you’ll play a critical role in innovating genetic counseling training and curriculum.

Start change-making today

At Vanderbilt, you don’t have to wait for your degree in order to start making waves. The Vanderbilt Consortium LEND (Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities) is just one curricular example of how our students get involved as change-makers on local and national levels.

Plus, check out this national platform for antiracist genetic counseling education co-founded by an MGC graduate.

Full course descriptions can be found in the VUSM catalog.