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Standing Program Committees

Vanderbilt Genetic Counseling Program Advisory Board

The Vanderbilt Genetic Counseling Program Advisory Board has an overarching responsibility to assist in the development and ongoing evaluation of the graduate program. The board is responsible for ensuring that the curriculum is in line with the program’s mission and with the ACGC accreditation standards for the genetic counseling profession. The advisory board consists of the following individuals:

  • Current members: Martha Dudek, Beth Bowman, Nancy Cox, Kyle Davis, JaLisa Decker, Angela Grochowsky, Kelsey Hazelberg, Gillian Hooker, Ellie Jacoby, Randa Lenker, Toni Lewis, Sonia Mitchell, Tuya Pal, Donna Rosenstiel, Jill Slamon, Carly Smith

Program Implementation Committee

The Program Implementation Committee includes the program director, medical director, assistant program director, practicum coordinator and program coordinator. This committee convenes regularly to ensure smooth program operations.

  • Current members: Martha Dudek, Jill Slamon, Kyle Davis, Sonia Mitchell

Admission Committee

The Admission Committee is responsible for reviewing applications for the M.G.C. program, for inviting applicants to interview, and for making recommendations of candidates for admission to the program.

The Admission Committee is appointed and chaired by the program director. It consists of seven to nine M.G.C. faculty members (one of which is also a member of the Diversity Committee). Members may include individuals from the program leadership. Committee members serve a three-year term, with inaugural committee members appointed for a three-year term within a staggered succession schedule.

  • Current members: Martha Dudek, Karigynn Chaimson, Kyle Davis, Sonia Mitchell, Mackenzie Mosera, Lucas Richter, Dora Sieblold, Jill Slamon, Kelly Taylor, Brenda Zuniga

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee is charged with development and oversight of the M.G.C. program curriculum. The Curriculum Committee is appointed by the program director.

  • Current members: Martha Dudek (Chair- ex officio), Jill Slamon (Vice-Chair), Karigynn Chaimson, Kyle Davis, Emily Franciskato, Brighton Goodhue, Gillian Hooker, Caitlin Mann, Mackenzie Mosera, Kelly Taylor, Ferrin Wheeler

Research Review Committee (RRC)

The role of the Research Review Committee is to establish and ensure adherence to policies and procedures for the M.G.C. thesis requirement. The RRC develops guidelines and recommends resources to ensure the success of each student in thesis development and completion. The RRC is appointed by the program director and consists of at least three M.G.C. faculty members. The RRC is responsible for 1) oversight implementation of the thesis process into the curriculum and 2) supervision of the faculty research advisers.

  • Current members: Gillian Hooker, Chair, Janet Talbert, Kelly Taylor

Diversity Committee

The purpose of the Diversity Committee is to increase the number of underrepresented students in the field of genetics counseling. The committee meets annually to establish and review M.G.C. program diversity goals and its progress toward meeting them. Committee members are appointed by the M.G.C. program director. The Diversity Committee includes at least one member from each of the following groups: M.G.C. program leadership, M.G.C. Advisory Board, M.G.C. faculty, and at least one former or current student.

  • Current members: Martha Dudek, Chair (Ex officio), Tuya Pal, Brenda Zuniga,  Randa Newman, Mryia Hubert, Gianna Petrelli, Sherrell Johnson

Academic Progress and Promotion Committee (APPC)

The APPC meets twice per academic year to review each student’s academic progress through the program curriculum. The APPC has the responsibility to make recommendations to the program director concerning promotion, remedial action, or dismissal, as appropriate, for each student in the program.

The Academic Progress and Promotion Committee consists of six members with a quorum being at least 3 voting members present. The six voting members are program faculty members, all whom are board certified in genetics/genetic counseling or have extensive experience in training or working with genetic counselors. Voting members would serve for three years. The program director is a non-voting member, ex officio.

The fall meeting of the APPC each year reviews academic progress for both cohorts of students. The spring meeting reviews academic progress for both cohorts and also makes promotion decisions (for first-year cohort, decisions include promotion to second year; for second-year cohort, decisions include recommendation of students to the dean for graduation).