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Class of 2021 Graduates

Left to right: Gianna Petrelli, Emma Metz, Erin Griffin, Lucas Richter, Carly Smith

Class of 2022 Graduates

Left to right: Doug Stubbs, Ellie Jacoby, Mryia Hubert, Karigynn Chaimson, Morgan Wolfgang, Emily Franciskato

Class of 2023

A group of genetic counselors stand outside in front of trees

Left to right: Layne Wells, Elle Bentley, Chloe Cevan, Alex Burrows, Dave Baker, Anna Fangmeier, Kelsey Hazelberg, Tielle Gallion


Class of 2024
The Master of Genetic Counseling class of 2024 poses for a photo on the Plaza at Vanderbilt University Medical Center on Thursday, May 9, 2024 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Left to right: Mary Hurley, Serena Fleming, Cecilia Kessler, Lianna Paul, Joan Kornkven, Makenna Martin, Mikaela Bradley