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The Pre-Award Team will assist Faculty, Research Fellows, and Students with the preparations, submissions, and award acceptance for all sponsor-funded grants, fellowships or contracts. This will include funding from Federal Agencies, Non-Profit Organizations, For-Profit Corporations, or subcontracts from Other Universities/Institutions with funding from these same sources.

Our Pre-Award team should be notified at least 4 weeks before the agency application deadline, but earlier notification to our team as soon as an application is being considered would be best.

ALL applications for any type of sponsored research funding from any outside sources, applications submitted to any organization, will need to be reviewed by the POD2 Pre-Award team and further routed for review by the central Vanderbilt Sponsored Programs Administration office (SPA) for approval to submit. Even if an application does not inherently require any official Vanderbilt office signatures nor electronic approvals, it is Vanderbilt policy that no application be submitted to an outside agency without having been vetted by the SPA office and approved for submission to any outside funding source.

For most funding sources our Pre-Award team will be able to provide checklists, resources, and samples to assist the applicant in preparing the application for internal and external submission and are available as needed for one-on-one training, guidance and as-needed coordinating institutional signatures. From this POD2 Grants Page there are links to other resources that applicants may find helpful.

Although any POD2 Pre-Award team member can assist with any POD2 application, below we do have general assignments for each area to specific personnel.

POD 2 Pre-Award Grants Team

Robert Dortch, Team Lead: (all areas)
Stephanie Clapper, Senior Grants Manager: Biochemistry, Mass Spectrometry, & Stem Cell Biology
Nicole Boykin, Grants Manager
Brittany Ramirez, Administrative Assistant