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Travel & Business Expense Updates (Revised September 2022):

  1. On the receipt documentation, the last four digits of the credit card number is no longer a requirement. All the other information (Merchant information, Date of the transaction, Itemizations of goods/services purchased, Total amount paid) must be included on a receipt.
  2. Scholarly publication fees (excluding advertising, marketing) are added as allowable expenses to be reimbursed.
  3. The individual seeking reimbursement must submit his or her own expense reports. Expense Delegates cannot submit expense reports for approval.

Travel & Business Expense Policies (Sept 2022)

Please see the documents for the instructions on how to process an expense report and the frequently asked questions for issues that cause the most confusion when processing an expense report:

Instructions for Expense Report
FAQ on Expense Report

Guest Travel Coordinator:

Guest travel coordinator is a Vanderbilt University staff who has been granted the role to coordinate travel arrangements on behalf of the guest. Please refer to Guest Travel Coordinators List for the School of Medicine to see who has the guest travel coordinator role. If it is not clear who on the list you should ask to coordinate, please ask the head of your Pod for guidance.

Here is the Checklist for Guest Travel that can guide you when you are planning travels for your business guests.

Travel FAQs:

Please refer to these resources for more information on travel.

o    Assign a Travel Assistant

o    Global Entry & TSA Pre-Check

o    Guest Travel Reservations

o    Updating Profile