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Staff Responsibility Grid

This table indicates who to contact for certain tasks that may be required (updated December 2022).

                           TASK                   CONTACT                   NOTES
 Research Pre Award Needs/
Grants/ Progress  Reports
 Robert Dortch –  Lead
 Stephanie Clapper, Senior  Grants Manager
 Nicole Boykin, Grants Manager
 Brittany Ramirez, Administrative  Assistant
 Post Award/Finance Needs/Reporting  Celeste Goldman– Lead
 Jennifer Bennett
 Carol Johnson
 David Stiles
 Fady Mikhael
 Soyoung Kim
 Sterrett Barron
 Procurement Approvals  Post Award
 One Card  Post Award
      PreBooking  Various  Departments follow
current protocol.
      Student Travel  Education Pod  Education Pod
      Expense Reports  Various  Departments follow
current protocol.
      Educational  Education Pod  Education Pod
      Dept. Based/VCNDD  Departments follow
current protocol.
      Talent Central Posting  Cindy Young,
 Tiffany  Lawrence  Givens
      Faculty Recruitment  Assistant to the  Chair  Assistant to Chairs
      Onboarding/Exiting  Cindy Young,
 Tiffany  Lawrence  Givens
      People Finder Updates/VUNetID  Cindy Young,
 Tiffany  Lawrence  Givens
      Volunteers/Visiting Scholars  Cindy Young,
 Tiffany  Lawrence  Givens
      Reclassifications  Cindy Young,
 Tiffany  Lawrence  Givens
      Stipends  Education POD
 Cindy Young,
 Tiffany  Lawrence  Givens
Cindy and Tiffany manage
stipends for Postdoctoral
Scholars, Trainees
depending upon the type of funding.
      VISAs  Cindy Young,
 Tiffany  Lawrence  Givens
      Compliance/Safety Training  Cindy Young,
 Tiffany  Lawrence Givens   
 Lab Manager
Cindy will coordinate
all compliance and
correspondence.  Lab Managers
will coordinate
compliance  with research
specific training.
      Performance Evaluations  Cindy Young,
 Tiffany  Lawrence  Givens
 Evals will be filled out by
department as  before.
      FMLA  Cindy Young,
 Tiffany  Lawrence  Givens
      Exempt Time Off  Mary Heath  Submit request in SkyVU.
      Post Doc Appts/Reappts  Cindy Young,
 Tiffany  Lawrence  Givens
 Departments will provide
financial info.
      Research Interns  Education POD
 Cindy Young,
 Tiffany  Lawrence  Givens
      Process Salary Increases  Cindy Young,
 Tiffany  Lawrence  Givens
      Discipline Issues  Mary Heath  Keep Mary informed of
 General Ordering in Home  Department/FedEx  Carol  Johnson
Assistant to Chairs
 Departments follow current
 Keys  Lisa Evans, Biochemistry
 Anuj Rastogi, CDB
 Departments follow current
 Phone  Soyoung Kim
 Common Equipment, Service  Contract  Coordination  Anuj Rastogi  Departments follow current
 Website Maintenance  Stephen Doster  Departments follow current
 Scheduling Conference Rooms  Assistant to the  Chairs  Assistant to Chairs. Some
departments will  use
Meeting Maker software