Staff Meeting

A monthly POD 2 staff meeting will be held on the first Thursday of each month at 1:00 pm.  Here is the 2017 schedule:

Date Host Room Location
February 2 Susan Walker 3131 MRB III
March 2 Karen Davis U1202 MRB III
April 6 Susan Walker 3131 MRB III
May 4 Maureen Casey 9160AA MRB III
June 1 Pamela Uttz 8455 MRB IV
July 13 Jen Smith 836 RRB
August 17 Susan Walker 3131 MRB III
September 7 Maureen Casey 9160AA MRB III
October 5 Maureen Casey 9160AA MRB III
November 2 Maureen Casey 9160AA MRB III
December Mary Heath Party - TBA


C-3323 Directions:  This conference room belongs to PMI and can be found on the third floor, C corridor of Medical Center North,
just down the hall from the CDB Admin Suite.