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Vanderbilt University Export Compliance

Vanderbilt University’s export compliance team: Supporting your research and ensuring compliance

Export Controls is a group of U.S. laws and regulations that control products, services, and information for reasons of foreign policy and national security. Most people think of an export as a physical item shipped overseas, when in actuality an export is any transfer of an item or information to a foreign country or foreign national. This can occur abroad or within the United States via unexpected routes such as casual conversations, e-mail exchanges, or trainings or services provided to foreign collaborators.

Understanding and interpreting federal export controls is challenging, but Vanderbilt Export Compliance (VEC) serves as a centralized resource for all export control-related activities at the University. We are dedicated to helping VU faculty and staff navigate the myriad rules and regulations associated with routine research activities by offering timely guidance on when export controls apply and when they do not. From providing export license determinations to creating technology control plans, VEC supports campus research endeavors by ensuring the University’s compliance with federal export laws.

Our services are varied and include the following:


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