Admissions and Education

Why Vanderbilt?

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine offers a strong core education in medical training.

Our leaders look beyond the traditional way of educating physicians - a focus that is making the medical school a national leader in the number of dual degrees offered.

Today's doctors are being challenged to know something about many different areas, such as business, law, spirituality, and public health. No one doctor can be an expert in every area, but having specialists around who have taken the time to get the necessary training certainly adds to the service of the community.

We're Unique.

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine stresses collegiality, wellness, and collaborative success. We develop outstanding physicians who are also leaders. Very few medical schools provide the support that Vanderbilt does to guide students toward satisfying and distinguished medical careers.

Vanderbilt's scientists, physicians, technologies, and innovations have been and are still being recognized internationally and nationally as leaders in the health care industry.

Vanderbilt is preparing you today to lead health care tomorrow.