Emily Hodges

  • The black Cell Genomics cover of Volume 4, Number 4, April 10, 2024, which has four pop art–style panels showing Marilyn Monroe on the two left squares and a rhesus macaque on the right two squares. The top squares are blue and the bottom ones are peach. The bottom right corner says “50 CellPress.”

    Hodges lab sheds new light on mechanisms of gene regulatory divergence between species

    The labs of Emily Hodges, assistant professor of biochemistry, and Tony Capra, associate professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of California, San Francisco, have devised a method to separate the relative contributions of cis vs. trans regulatory mechanisms to gene regulatory divergence between species. Read More

    Apr. 18, 2024

  • Vanderbilt University

    Ken Lau named 2023 Stanley Cohen Innovation Fund Awardee

    Ken Lau, professor of cell and developmental biology, will receive a one-year research award from the Stanley Cohen Innovation Fund. This work will propel Vanderbilt forward as a leader in the field by leveraging novel technology to develop customized sequencing-based assays of cell-associated components at the single-cell resolution. Read More

    Nov. 7, 2023

  • Side-by-side headshots of Emily Hodges (left) and Cody Sicilano (right).

    Basic Sciences names Hodges, Siciliano as Dean’s Faculty Fellows

    By Aaron Conley Emily Hodges, assistant professor of biochemistry, and Cody Siciliano, assistant professor of pharmacology, have been named Dean’s Faculty Fellows of the School of Medicine Basic Sciences. The Dean’s Faculty Fellows program, started in 2020, is designed to recognize the efforts of faculty in the early… Read More

    Aug. 18, 2023

  • Vanderbilt University

    High-impact science

    By Selene Colon The School of Medicine Basic Sciences would like to recognize our faculty for pursuing high-impact research that leads to national recognition of Vanderbilt’s research excellence. High-impact science is often identified by the number of citations related papers receive, but highly cited papers are not always in premier… Read More

    Aug. 8, 2023

  • The best of both worlds: Blending assays to understand human genome regulation

    The best of both worlds: Blending assays to understand human genome regulation

    Assistant Professor of Biochemistry Emily Hodges and graduate student Tyler Hansen used a blended approach to create a new, multi-omic method to identify and characterize gene regulatory elements—non-coding DNA sequences that control gene expression—in the human genome. The new technique, ATAC-STARR-seq, was published in Genome Research. During… Read More

    Sep. 20, 2022

  • Vanderbilt University

    Emily Hodges and Terunaga Nakagawa named 2022 Stanley Cohen Innovation Fund recipients

    The Stanley Cohen Innovation Fund provides a yearly award to support innovative and groundbreaking research at Vanderbilt University. This year, after a competitive application process, Emily Hodges, assistant professor of biochemistry, and Terunaga Nakagawa, associate professor of molecular physiology and biophysics, were named as the 2022 recipients. Read More

    Sep. 15, 2022

  • Vanderbilt University

    Profiling chromatin accessibility and DNA methylation—simultaneously

    Research led by Emily Hodges, assistant professor of biochemistry, first-author Lindsey Guerin, a graduate student in the Hodges lab, and Kelly Barnett, a recent graduate of the Hodges lab, developed and tested a new method called ATAC-Me, which profiles multiple epigenetic features, including DNA methylation, simultaneously from a single DNA… Read More

    Feb. 1, 2022