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Kathleen L. Gould, Ph.D.

Louise B. McGavock Professor, Department of Cell & Developmental Biology
AAAS Fellow - 2011

Cell Division Signaling

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Research Description

The Gould laboratory conducts foundational research on the molecular basis of cell division, a highly conserved process central to development and tissue maintenance. Eukaryotic cells accomplish cell division with exquisite spatial and temporal control. A key event during cell division is the formation of an actin- and myosin-based cytokinetic ring that constricts to physically separate two new daughter cells. Our lab is fascinated by the question of how the cytokinetic ring is assembled and organized on the plasma membrane. We are also interested in how the assembly and constriction of the cytokinetic ring is coordinated with chromosome segregation to ensure genomic integrity. We have made fundamental, pioneering discoveries in the mechanisms that control cell division using a multi-disciplinary approach that includes super-resolution microscopy, mass spectrometry-based proteomics, genetics, structural biology, biochemisty, and biochemical reconstitution.


Postdoctoral Positions Available

Yes, please see lab website.


Selected Publications