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Kathleen L. Gould, Ph.D.

Louise B. McGavock Professor, Department of Cell & Developmental Biology
Sr. Associate Dean for Biomedical Research Education and Career Development
AAAS Fellow - 2011

Mechanism and regulation of cell division

Lab Website


Research Description

The Gould Lab conducts pioneering research to better understand the molecular basis of cell division (cytokinesis), a highly conserved process central to development and tissue maintenance. We use the genetically tractable fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe as a primary model organism for our studies, with the goal of obtaining a comprehensive mechanistic understanding of cell division in eukaryotic organism. Over the years, we have identified and characterized many evolutionarily conserved constituents of the cytokinetic machinery and discovered how post-translational modifications of this machinery ensure the exquisite spatial and temporal control of cell division. The laboratory has always adopted a multi-disciplinary approach and has acquired complementary expertise in genetic, biochemical, structural, LC-MS/MS-based proteomics, and live cell imaging approaches, making significant contributions to the understanding of cell division, and establishing paradigms of regulation extendable to other biological processes.


Postdoctoral Positions Available

Yes, please see lab website.


Selected Publications