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Seminar Series

CDB Monday Seminars

Fall 2019 CDB Seminar Calendar

Spring 2020 CDB Seminar Calendar

Join us most Mondays at 12:15 pm in 1220 MRB III.

Monday’s weekly seminars are on cutting-edge topics in Cell or Developmental Biology, as well as Stem Cell and Epithelial Biology.

Visiting speakers are invited from a variety of institutions through-out the US.  The seminar takes place almost every Monday during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Fall 2019 Seminars

August 19: Andre Zijlstra, Ph.D., VUMC, presents Analyzing the contribution of cell adhesion and tumor heterogeneity to tumor progression using fluorescent multiplexing and machine learning.   Flyer

August 26: Sergiu Pasca, M.D., Ph.D., Stanford University (Hosted by PDB) presents Assembling Tridimensional Models of Human Brain to Study Development and Disease

September 9: Evelyn Ralston, Ph.D., National Institutes of Health, presents: Skeletal muscle microtubule and Golgi organization and their link to muscle diseases   Flyer

September 16: Adam Miller, Ph.D., University of Oregon, presents:  The “other” connection in the brain: Molecular mechanisms of electrical synapse formation   Flyer

September 23: Sean Collins, Ph.D.,  University of California-Davis, presents: Understanding a cell’s molecular steering wheel   Flyer

September 30: Shuibing Chen, Ph.D., Cornell University, presents: Human Pluripotent Stem Cell, Diabetes and Precision Medicine    Flyer

October 7: Michel Cayouette, ICRM (Institut de Recherches Cliniques de Montréal, (Hosted by VCSCB), Building and rebuilding the retina

October 14: Melissa Kemp, Ph.D.,  Georgia Institute of Technology, Agents of Influence: Simulating Collective Cell Fate Decisions in Multicellular Systems   Flyer

October 21: NO Seminar Scheduled this week – but do stay tuned

Special Seminar Thursday, October 24: Annarita Scaramozza, University of California-San Francisco, Muscle stem cell under stress   Flyer

October 28: Cathy Mendelsohn, Ph.D., Columbia University (Hosted by VCSCB)

November 4: Samara Reck-Peterson, Ph.D., University of California-San Diego, The Cellular Interstate System: Deciphering the Mechanisms of Microtubule-Based Transport   Flyer

November 7 (Thursday): Jill Wildonger, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin   Flyer

November 11: Bob Varelas, Ph.D. Boston University, Tap/Taz-directed cell fate decisions in development and disease”  Flyer

November 14 (Thursday): Kathy DelGiorno, Salk Institute, “Tuft cells restrain pancreatic tumorigenesis through paracrine eicosanoid signaling”   Flyer

November 18: Ben Glick, Ph.D., University of Chicago, Surfing the Secretory Pathway

CANCELLED  November 25: Jennifer Lippencott-Schwartz, Ph.D., Janelia Research Campus / HHMI (Hosted by GSA), presents Emerging imaging technologies to study cell architecture, dynamics and function

December 2: Chris Halbrook, Ph.D., University of Michigan

December 9:  No Seminar – ASCB/EMBO Annual Meeting Washington DC

December 16: Beth Rendina-Ruedy, Ph.D., VUMC Secondary Faculty Candidate, The role of lipid metabolism in the skeletal niche (Hosted by CDB)