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Seminar Series

Due to public health and safety concerns in response to the ongoing Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, please assume that previously scheduled on campus  Department of Cell and Developmental Biology events are deferred until further notice. Please refer to the Vanderbilt University website for guidance:

Special Spring 2020 Seminars via zoom, 12:15 pm

April 20:

  • Ken Lau, “Colorectal tumor stem cells (TSCs) from alternative origins differentially modulate the immune microenvironment – a work in progress”
  • Dylan Burnette, “Forces Driving Heart Development”

April 27:

  • Andrea Page-McCaw and Shane Hutson,”Something’s wrong in the (cellular) neighborhood: Mechanisms of epithelial wound detection”

May 4:

  • David Miller, “Building the brain: How to remodel a synapse”
  • Jason MacGurn, presents “The new ubiquitin code”

May 11:

  • Ian Macara, “Epithelial Homeostasis and Innate Immunity”
  • Guoqiang Gu, “Tuning stress-response gene expression for postnatal islet beta-cell proliferation, function, and survival”

May 18:

  • Matt Tyska presents “Shaping cell morphology with actin polymerization and adhesion”
  • Kris Burkewitz presents “Exploring the roles of ER-mitochondrial crosstalk in aging”

June 1:

  • Matthew Wilson, “Engineering cell and gene therapies for kidney disease”

Dr. Wilson is a secondary candidate for CDB. He is an Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Nephrology and Hypertension at VUMC.

June 15:

  • Oliver McDonald, “Metabolic Reprogramming of the Metastatic Epigenome”

Dr. McDonald is a secondary candidate for CDB, he is an Assistant Professor of Pathology, Immunology and Microbiology at VUMC.   Flyer

June 22:

  • Enyoung Choi, “Mechanism of metaplastic and dysplastic transitions in gastric carcinogenesis”

Dr. Choi is a secondary candidate for CDB. She is an Assistant Professor of Surgery in the Section of Surgical Sciences at VUMC.

July 13, 12:15:

  • Jenny Schafer, Cell Imaging Shared Resource: Illuminating Biology in 2020″

CDB Monday Seminars

Join us most Mondays at 12:15 pm in 1220 MRB III.

Monday’s weekly seminars are on cutting-edge topics in Cell or Developmental Biology, as well as Stem Cell and Epithelial Biology.

Visiting speakers are invited from a variety of institutions through-out the US.  The seminar takes place almost every Monday during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Winter/Spring 2021 Seminars

January 11: Eric Bennett, UCSD, placeholder title: Clearing traffic jams during translation using regulatory ubiquitylation

January 18: Terry Lechler, Duke University, placeholder title: Cytoskeletal control of tissue morphogenesis and function

March 29: Laura Reinholdt (Jackson Laboratory), placeholder title: Genetic variation influences pluripotent ground state stability in mouse embryonic stem cells through a hierarchy of molecular phenotypes  (Hosted by VCSCB and PDB)

April 5: Rachel Roberts-Galbraith, University of Georgia, placeholder title: Off with their heads: understanding brain regeneration using planarians

April 19: Jim Johnson, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, TBA

Winter/Spring 2020 Seminars

January 6: Amy Maddox, University of North Carolina, Quantifying contractile oscillations offers insight into mechanisms of cytoskeletal remodeling  Flyer

January 13: Holger Russ, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Stem cell derived pancreatic beta cells and thymic epithelium for basic research and cell therapy (Hosted by VCSCB and PDB).  Flyer

January 20: Shigeki Watanabe, Johns Hopkins, Spatial and temporal control of synaptic transmission  Flyer

January 27: John Murray, University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine, Decoding animal development at single cell resolution  Flyer

February 3: Irina Matos, The Rockefeller, How to build a necessary wall: progenitors oppositely polarize WNT activators and WNT inhibitors to orchestrate tissue development  Flyer

February 10: Nancy Manley, University of Georgia, Strange bedfellows – choosing between thymus and parathyroid cell fates  Flyer

February 17: Joseph Zullo, Harvard, The effects of REST and neural excitation on lifespan  Flyer

March 2: Xi Huang, University of Toronto, Targeting brain cancer as a mechanosensory disease  Flyer

March 5: Matthew Akamatsu, UC Berkeley, Self-organization and load adaptation by mammalian endocytic actin networks: Integrating modeling with experiments  Flyer

March 9: Curtis Thorne, University of Arizona, Harnessing quantitative microscopy to discover and block kinase-driven networks in colon cancer  Flyer