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Administrative POD2 Basic Sciences Research


Ian G. Macara, Ph.D.
Louise B. McGavock Professor and Chairman, Department of Cell and Developmental Biology
(615) 875-5565
Dr. Macara received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Sheffield,UK. He did post-doctoral fellowships at Brandeis University in Waltham, MA and in the laboratory of Dr. Lew Cantley at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. Dr. Macara joined the faculty at the University of Rochester in the Department of Biophysics then joined the faculty at the University of Vermont in the Department of Pathology and became a member of the Vermont Cancer Center. Dr. Macara then joined the faculty at the University of Virginia, earning the Harrison Distinguished Professorship in the Department of Microbiology. He came to Vanderbilt in 2012 as the Louise B McGavock Professor and Chair of the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology.

Dr. Macara is the recipient of a Mellon Foundation Fellowship, held a Craig Scholarship and was awarded the Distinguished Scientist Award from the University of Virginia. In the past decade he has co-chaired five international conferences and is frequently invited as a Keynote Speaker, Distinguished Lecturer or Plenary Lecturer for significant international meetings. Dr. Macara is a member of the American Society for Cell Biology and the American Society of Biological Chemists, serves on the Council of American Society for Cell Biology and is on the Senior Editor Board for the Journal of Cell Biology. In 2001 Dr. Macara was awarded a patent for Signal-generating oligonucleotide-based biosensors. In 2018 Dr. Macara was elected an AAAS Fellow.  Dr. Macara has remained fully funded through numerous RO1, NIH, DoD and Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation grants and runs an internationally respected research program that has made fundamental discoveries on the mechanisms of cell polarity in morphogenesis and on the role of polarity genes metastasis. Dr. Macara is highly regarded as an educator as well as a research scholar. Over 27 graduate students have completed thesis work in his laboratory and he has mentored over 30 fellows. Dr. Macara’s innovative processes and investigation has made technologic advances and extended methodology in the fight against breast cancer.


Susan E. Walker
Assistant to Dr. Macara
(615) 875-5565
Susan provides support for the Chair of the Department, Ian Macara and facilitates all faculty affairs for the department. Susan also manages the website, Monday Seminar Speaker Series, Cell Dynamics Symposium, CDB Distinguished Flexner Discovery Lecturer as well as guest travel.


Celeste Goldman
Finance, POD 2
(615) 343-7328
Celeste is the team Lead for POD 2 Finance. Celeste works with the Department of Finance to prepare and complete financial summary reports and prepares budget reports on a monthly basis for distribution. She reviews transactions for individual funding agency restrictions, administrative cost restrictions, and screens vendors to verify legitimate business use, documentation, and compliance with institutional and funding agency requirements.


Andrea Page-McCaw, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Acting Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Cell and Developmental Biology
(615) 875-5841
Dr. Page-McCaw received her AB Magna Cum Laude in History of Science from Harvard University, and her science career began in the laboratory of Tim Bestor at Harvard Medical School.  She earned her PhD from MIT, as a National Science Foundation Predoctoral Fellow working in the lab of Terry Orr-Weaver.  She currently she is a standing member of the Intercellular Interactions (ICI) study section, a member of the Editorial Board of Matrix Biology, and a Councilor of the American Society of Matrix Biology.  Her lab investigates basic mechanisms behind cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions during development and wound healing, using Drosophila as a model.


Mary K. Heath, MBA, CFA, CRA
Assistant Dean of Research and Core Operations
Chief Business Officer, POD 2
(615) 343-4905
Mary is Responsible for providing the department chair with insightful counsel to manage financial resources, personnel resources, and space allocations of the department. As Administrator she interprets essential administrative and compliance requirements for department faculty, students, and staff. She provides financial planning for department faculty and compiles the annual Cell & Developmental Biology budget. Mary provides leadership for a knowledgeable, experienced and effective administrative team in order to conduct the daily operations of our the department’s business.


Carol Johnson
Finance, POD 2
(615) 343-7188
Carol coordinates procurement processes for principal investigators and lab managers at the transaction level, and coordinates the department office environment. She is the System Administrator for Procurement Card Program and e-Procurement Purchase Order, and privilege management systems.


Lorie Franklin
B-2317 MCN
Graduate Program Manager, Department of Cell and Developmental Biology
The CDB Graduate Program benefits greatly from the experience Lorie brings to the department after managing the Cancer Biology and Graduate Programs. Lorie will continue to manage  Cancer Biology and add the CDB Graduate Program to her roster. Thank you Lorie and welcome to CDB.


Anuj Rastogi, M.S.
Equipment & Resource Manager, Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, Vanderbilt Brain Institute

Anuj manages the daily activities of the CDB and VBI Equipment Resource cores and maintains the common departmental equipment. He provides user training, directs users to the appropriate instrument for their research need, and provides information about new applications, procedures and services. All questions, comments and concerns with regard to the common equipment should be directed to Anuj.


Tracya Humphries
Grants Manager, POD 2
(615) 322-8239
Tracya works on the pre-award team, providing support to faculty, postdocs, and students with grant applications, contracts, just-in-time requests, other support files, and all other Pre-Award Grant needs.


Marc Wozniak
IT Project Manager for Research
Vanderbilt University Basic Sciences:
Cell & Developmental Biology,Department of Biochemistry,Biomedical Engineering & Training,
Cell Imaging Shared Resource “CISR” & Nikon Center of Excellence “NCOE”, POD2 Administration
Associated Divisions, Centers and Programs
(615) 343-3605
Marc is responsible for supporting all aspects of the department’s computing & technology environment, supporting research, administration and education.


Cindy Young
HR Lead, POD 2
(615) 343-8342
Cindy is the Team Lead for HR, she personalizes and provides positive experiences for all new recruits by scheduling orientation, preparing documentation for the payroll system, and establishing email accounts. She manages all aspects of the payroll process. Cindy coordinates with Human Resources including Benefits, Payroll, Recruitment and Staffing, and Classification and Compensation concerning the department’s positions and personnel. Cindy also keeps academic appointments of research fellows up-to-date.


Administrative POD2 Basic Sciences Research