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Steve Hann Outstanding Graduate Student Award

The Steve Hann Outstanding Graduate Student Award is presented annually to graduate students who exhibit “outstanding performance and evident promise as an independent research scientist and educator.”

Past recipients include:

2023     Gabriella Robertson, Gama Lab

2022     Isabella Gaeta, Tyska Lab

2021     James O’Connor, Page-McCaw Lab

2020     Nilay Taneja, Burnette Lab

2019     Aidan Fenix, Burnette Lab

2018     Meredith Weck, Tyska Lab

2017     Chuck Williams, Hong Lab

2016     Nathan McDonald, Gould Lab

2015     Emily Poulin, Coffey Lab

2014     Andrew Folkmann, Wente Lab

2013     Alyssa Johnson, Gould Lab

2012     Cody Jean Smith, Miller Lab

2011     Xi Huang, Chiang Lab

2009     Rachel Roberts-Galbraith, Gould Lab

2008     Abel Alcazar-Roman, Wente Lab

2007     Susanne Tranguch, Dey Lab

2006     Benjamin Wolfe, Gould Lab