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CDB Faculty Committees

Steering Committee for Cell and Developmental Graduate Program

Andrea Page-McCaw (Director of Graduate Studies)
Dylan Burnette (Graduate Faculty Delegate Assembly Representative)
Ethan Lee (IGP Representative)
Matt Tyska (Curriculum Coordinator)

Common Equipment

William Tansey (Chair)
Chin Chiang
Guoquiang Gu
Jason MacGurn

Departmental Space Planning Committee

Ian Macara (Chair)
Kathy Gould
David Miller
William Tansey
Chris Wright

Department Retreat

Ethan Lee / Vivian Gama (Co- Chairs)
Kristi Hargrove
Marc Wozniak

Communication (Computers, Newsletter, Website)

David Miller (Chair)
Matt Tyska
Ken Lau

Dylan Burnette

Marija Zanic

Student, Fellow Awards

Andrea Page-McCaw (Chair)
Ethan Lee
Marija Zanic

Staff Recognition

Ethan Lee (Chair)
Irina Kaverina