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 Alaina Willet (Image), Molecular Biology of the Cell (2023) Cover







Asa A. Brockman, Rohit Khurana, Todd Bartkowiak, Portia L. Thomas, Jonathan M.Irish, Rebecca A. Ihrie, “Alignment, segmentation and neighborhood analysis in cyclic immunohistochemistry data using CASSATT,” Clinical Cytometry (2023) Cover






Alexander Pfannenstein, Ian G. Macara, “A junction-dependent mechanism drives murine mammary cell intercalation for ductal elongation,” Developmental Cell (2023) Cover






Anne Meyer, “Gastric Injury Is Regulated by Group 2 Innate Lymphoid Cells,” Gastroenterology (2020). Cover






Ian Macara, Lindsey Seldin, “DNA Damage Promotes Epithelial Hyperplasia and Fate Mis-specification via Fibroblast Inflammasome Activation,” Developmental Cell (2020). Cover






Matt Tyska, Meredith Weck, Zachary Smith,”The small EF-hand protein CALML4 functions as a critical myosin light chain within the intermicrovillar adhesion complex,” Journal of Biological Chemistry (2020) Cover






Matt Tyska, Jim Goldenring  Meagan Postema, Gillian Fitz,Actin Dynamics Drive Microvillar Motility and Clustering during Brush Border Assembly,” Journal of Cell Biology (2019) 218 (11): 3647-3662. Cover






Matt Tyska,Actin Dynamics Drive Microvillar Motility and Clustering during Brush Border Assembly,” Developmental Cell, 9 September, 2019, Volume 50, Issue 5, pp 545-556. Cover






Marija Zanic, “Microtubule minus-end stability is dictated by the tubulin off-rate,” Journal of Cell Biology, 2 September » 218 (9): 2841  Cover







Christy Salisbury Ruff (Zinkel Lab) “Bid maintains mitochondrial cristae structure and protects against cardiac disease in an integrative genomics study,” Blood, January 10, 2019 , Vol 133 No 2  Cover






Rebecca Ihrie, “Location-dependent maintenance of intrinsic susceptibility to mTORC1-driven tumorigenesis,” Life Science Alliance,  Cover  Also selected for the EMBO press 2019 “flipbook” of journal covers.





Matt Tyska, “Brush border protocadherin CDHR2 promotes the elongation and maximized packing of microvilli in vivo. Mol Biol Cell, November 7, 2018  Cover