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Get involved with DEI efforts in CDB

Want to join the CDB committee for diversity, equity and inclusion? CDB members of every level or position are welcome to reach out at any time. We are currently a group of over 20 faculty, postdocs, grad students, and staff. Have questions, ideas, comments? Contact

Active DEI subcommittees and members:

  • CDB Monday Seminars – Invites underrepresented minority (URM) faculty from other institutions to give scientific talks on their work
    • Marija Zanic, Vivian Gama, Matt Tyska
  • Discovery Science Emerging Scholars (DSES) – Organizes nominations from department for URM postdocs or early career faculty
    • Kris Burkewitz, Vivian Gama, Linh Trinh, Sierra Cullati
  • Trainings – Organizes and encourages microaggression prevention & Fair Play workshops, bias awareness trainings, CDB retreat sessions, and more
    • Jonathan Irish, AJ Rastogi, Christian de Caestecker
  • Conversations on Diversity and Inclusion (CoDI) – Organizes monthly session open to anyone, for discussion of DEI-related articles and other media
    • Gabriella Robertson, Kimi LaFever Hodge, Linh Trinh, Rebecca Ihrie, Maddy Hayes
  • Hiring & Retention – Works closely with department to encourage and aid in recruiting, hiring, and promoting of URM scientists
    • Matt Tyska, Irina Kaverina, Gabriella Robertson, Christian de Caestecker, Andy Rolong
  • Communications – Updates CDB community on current DEI efforts via department website, news posts, social media posts, and emails
    • Sierra Cullati, Jonathan Irish, Alex Pfannenstein, Maggie Fye
  • International Scholars – Coordinates support of international scholars and works with other departments and Basic Sciences
    • Vivian Gama, Marija Zanic, Linh Trinh, Ela Contreras-Panta, Saptarshi Chatterjee
  • Delegates to Basic Sciences – Communicates information and strategies between CDB DEI and other departments
    • Irina Kaverina, Sierra Cullati, Linh Trinh
  • Outreach – Coordinates with The Vanderbilt Collaborative for STEM Education and Outreach (CSEO), and local schools to develop outreach programs
    • Kimi LaFever Hodge, Gabriella Robertson, Jason MacGurn, Marija Zanic, Indrayani Waghmare, Julissa Burgos
  • Budget & Finance – Allocates funds for DEI efforts led by the committee
    • Irina Kaverina, Matt Tyska