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Research Exchange

CDB REx Spring 2024

February 6: Joseph Benthal (Southard-Smith lab) presents: Omics strategies for prioritizing candidate genes in Sox10Dom aganglionosis modifier intervals”

February 20: Alexis Guenther (Choi lab) presents: “Discovering the functional mechanisms of Sox9 in SPEM cells during gastric carcinogenesis”

March 5: Paola Molina, Ph.D. (Macara lab) presents: “EGFR and MAPK promote transformed cell extrusion in epithelial tissues”

April 2: Casey Gailey (Miller lab) presents: “Neural cell adhesion proteins promote synaptic remodeling in a developing nervous system”

April 16: Julissa Burgos (Tyska lab) presents: “Dissecting mechanisms of actin pedestal formation induced by Enterohemorrhagic E. Coli” 

April 30: Tierney Baum (Gama lab) presents: “Patient Mutations in DRP1 Perturb Synaptic Maturation of Cortical Neurons”



– REx is held every other Tuesday in MRBIII 1220 from 4:00 – 5:00 PM. Check out the CDB Calendar on this site for our upcoming schedule.

– Talk spots are strictly <= 25 minutes with 5 minutes for questions.

– Faculty mentors will provide trainees with feedback.

– Typically a short reception follows REx at 5:00 PM – we are looking into online group trivia as a suitable alternative.


  “REx: Research Exchange CBIO 8339”

The principle goal of REx is to provide an opportunity for our student and post-doctoral trainees to hone their skills in presenting their work. It also serves as an important means for department members of all levels to stay informed about the work of their colleagues.

Typical non-pandemic FORMAT:
In order to encourage participation and attendance, the format and frequency of REx has been altered from WIPs.
–  REx will be held every other Tuesday afternoon at 4:00 in 1220 MRB III.
–  Each session will have two 30 minute talks (25 minutes, plus 5 minutes for Q and A).

In organizing the schedule, the intent is to pair talks that are topically distinct, to the extent possible.
–   A reception will be held after each session as a department Happy Hour.

Students will now be required to attend REx regularly throughout their graduate careers, although sign-up sheets will only be required for the 2nd year students, in both fall and spring semesters. Students are encouraged to present at REx during the spring of their 3rd year or the fall of their 4th year.  Students may be nominated by their advisor to speak at any time during their graduate careers.  If a student does not present at REx by the end of  their 3rd year, the student will be conscripted to speak in the fall of their 4th year, when they will be scheduled without their prior consent.

Postdocs are encouraged to speak at REx as a means for the department to know their research and as an opportunity to practice their oral presentation skill and gain feedback.  Postdocs may be nominated to speak by their advisor or they may self-nominate at any time.


Faculty will be asked to sign up in advance to offer post-seminar critiques to students.  We envision asking faculty to sign up for two sessions each semester.







REx Co-Organizers

Jonathan Irish Ph.D.
740B Preston Building
Lab: (615) 936-875-0965

Irina Kavarina, Ph.D.
3160 MRB III
Lab: (615) 936-5567