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Identification of ubiquitin Ser57 kinases regulating the oxidative stress response in yeast


Hepowit NL , Pereira KN , Tumolo JM , Chazin WJ , MacGurn JA , . eLife. 2020 10 19; 9().


Ubiquitination regulates many different cellular processes, including protein quality control, membrane trafficking, and stress responses. The diversity of ubiquitin functions in the cell is partly due to its ability to form chains with distinct linkages that can alter the fate of substrate proteins in unique ways. The complexity of the ubiquitin code is further enhanced by post-translational modifications on ubiquitin itself, the biological functions of which are not well understood. Here, we present genetic and biochemical evidence that serine 57 (Ser57) phosphorylation of ubiquitin functions in stress responses in , including the oxidative stress response. We also identify and characterize the first known Ser57 ubiquitin kinases in yeast and human cells, and we report that two Ser57 ubiquitin kinases regulate the oxidative stress response in yeast. These studies implicate ubiquitin phosphorylation at the Ser57 position as an important modifier of ubiquitin function, particularly in response to proteotoxic stress.